The BelowPar 7-Day Short Game Challenge

We challenge you to take your short game to the next level!

Here's the deal: You tell us your E-Mail address so we can send you a 7-day practice plan valued at $29 that supports your game with qualitative and effective drills - 100% free. Each day is set up in a way that lets you practice your short game for an hour. Why 1 hour? Because we know that every passionate golfer has time to practice an hour a day.

However, we know that life gets in the way sometimes so the drills are yours to keep. Whether you are an ambitious club champion or a weekend warrior - the drills are not going anywhere.

Since we firmly believe in making progress measurable and having more than one metric to compare yourself to, the challenge includes a short game test that you take on day 1 and retake on day 7 in order to see 1.) where you stand and 2.) how you will have improved.

Think about it: most golfers simply use their score to measure their progress. While this is still better than not tracking your progress at all, it paints a one-sided picture. Our score is something we never have full control over: we might get a bad bounce, miscalculate the wind and miss a putt due to a spike-mark.

Nobody in the history of the game has ever consistently been able to accurately predict where his or her ball is going to end up.

However, we do have full control over how we practice. Knowing that your results from 3-4 feet get better each time you take the short-game test may not always be reflected by your score, yet gives you a ton of motivation from a psychological standpoint.

Our goal with the 7-Day Short Game Challenge is to spark your curiosity, so you will start to make practicing your short game a priority. The better your short game, the bolder you can be with your approach shots!

Shave 10 shots off your average score and get instant access to the BelowPar 7-Day Short Game Challenge by entering your E-Mail address below:

About Us

We are Patrick and Freddy - two scratch golfers playing in Germany's Major Golf League. We want to help you shave 10 shots off your average score not just by manufacturing high quality training aids but by also passing along the knowledge we have gained after 12 years of playing competitive golf at the national and international level.

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