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We are Patrick and Freddy. We are two scratch golfers from Germany playing in Germany's Major Golf League.

Freddy recently graduated from Wilmington University where him and his team made the Elite 8 at the National Championship for the first time in school history in 2016. Freddy missed an All-American Award by a hair that year. Freddy earned 3 All-Conference Team and 1 All-East Region honor while also winning two college tournaments. Patrick won one international tournament and worked as a part-time golf coach over the past few summers.

After 12 years of playing tournament golf all across the globe, we knew that other players will benefit from the experiences and knowledge we have gained. Thus, BelowPar was born. BelowPar started out as a blog dedicated to an all-German audience now having well over 10,000 readers a month. 

Since we started to manufacture our own training aids, we also started to expand the BelowPar brand to reach an English-speaking audience. The beauty of it: we are not even close to being done with our golf journey and what helped us become better will most likely also help you reach your full potential. Sign up below to get instant access to our 7-Day Short Game Challenge - a $29 value practice plan that is absolutely free to you.

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Golf Slice

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